Low Cost Locally Sourced Ventilator

On March 3rd  2020 Sai Ravela assembled a team to develop a design that is now under development for the production of ventilators. Our intent is a design that can be manufactured and deployed rapidly around the globe with Commercial Off The Shelf*, locally sourced components to help meet the challenge of the Covid-19 emergency. 

Main points:

Project Team:


We are in the prototyping stage.  We anticipate field testing by April 15. 

We aim to move from the prototype phase to a manufacturing process that is scalable. Mark 1 is for export (India is primary focus), Mark 2 for US. 

*Parts Suppliers (to be completed):

Amazon.com -- various vendors therein. Some quality issues have remained, but amazing fast delivery (before delivery date)
Arrow Electronics -- all our chip level components
CPRSavers -- oxygen supplies
EPartsStore -- misc. medical tubing/pipes
ExpressPCB -- all our boards
Home Depot -- various tools, boxes, tubes, 
Trimantec -- valves

Contact: we are working on this voluntarily in a perosnal capacity, and not as a part of MIT sponsored research.
To invest in this project or offer other support please contact Angela Ellis at aellis@mit.edu.