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CoVid Ventilator

WARNING: This prototype has NOT been approved by the FDA for medical use. This page is for informational purposes ONLY.

Tidal Volume/Pressure modes are easily supported as seen in this test lung experiment. For other videos, see bottom of page. 

Starting here as an idea, together with vendors, manufacturing and distribution partners, E5 Aerospace LLC has developed ventilators that can be manufactured and deployed rapidly around the globe with Commercial Off The Shelf*, locally sourced components. Our ventilators  meet the safety and performance requirements characteristic of Class II medical devices and the range of ventilatory support needed. In the short term, we hope to address an emergency clogged by supply chain issues, in the long term we hope to transform the conversation around expensive medical devices. It is likely that we are being idealistic; but do come join our movement. 

Main points:

  • Design standards: UK Rapidly Manufactured Ventilator System Specification
  • Aimed at patients entering the acute stage. 
  • Supports intubated and noninvasive application. Supports Pressure, Volume, and Synchronized modes and variations. 
  • Filtered, heated, and oxygen- and moisture-mixed air with tunable mixing ratio, flow rate, pressure and temperature.  Air and virus filters, and water collectors standard
  • Air supply provided by compressor with 50psi line/15lts/min (included). Hospital lines can be connected. Oxygen provided by concentrator or tank. Hospital lines can be connected.
    • We are presently working on low-cost concentrators
  • All plug-to-connect pneumatic circuitry
  • Electronics
    • HMI+PLC (v2+)
    • Embedded Microcontroller + PC (v1)
    • Ardupilots repurposed (v0)
  • Pneumatic Actuation
    • Stepper motors (v3), high-reliability PWM servos (v2),  hobby servos (v1), manual (v0) 
    • Soft-start valves standard.
  • Sensing for static and dynamic pressure, temperature, humidity, and concentration (v2). New spirometer designs.
  • Hybrid technology: Uses physical principles and machine learning to derive high performance from few generic  components (v3)
  • Robotic manufacture of kits for rapid, scalable, and cost-effective national outreach.
  • COTS locally sourced options for international use. 
  • 24/7 and emergency systems.

Project Team:

  • Sai Ravela, E5 Aerospace LLC (also, MIT scientist)
  • Aetherian Medical  
    • Dr. Aamir Abbas (also, BIDMC)
    • Amro Alshareef (MIT SB'2020)
    • Salem Ali, (MIT Mechanical Engineering)
  • Rick Smethers, Interprod LLC

Other Collaborators

  • Angela Ellis, Outreach (MIT)
  • Adam Meusel, Manufacturing Consultant (Raytheon)
  • Dan Straka, Production, InterPro Models
  • Raffaele Ferrari, Consultant, Physics (MIT)
  • Michael Moreau, NP/Vent Specialist
  • Dr. Tisha Small, General Practitioner


We are in the pre-manufacturing stage.   We are presently working on regulatory authorizations.

We aim to move from the prototype phase to a manufacturing process that is scalable.

  • Mark 1 is for export (pranayantra py20M1)
  • Mark 2 for US (EVA py20M2)

*Parts Suppliers and Vendors (to be completed):

Amazon.com -- various vendors therein. Some quality issues persist, but fast delivery (before delivery date)
Arrow Electronics -- all our chip level components
CPRSavers -- oxygen supplies
EPartsStore -- misc. medical tubing/pipes
ExpressPCB -- all our boards
Home Depot -- various tools, boxes, tubes, 
Trimantec -- valves


Contact: we are working on this voluntarily in a personal capacity. To invest in this project or offer other support please contact us.


  • Video 1: Tidal Forcing at a specified frequency delivering a volume at a set pressure.  
  • Video 2:  Spirometric mode with the prototype test unit.
  • Video 3: Test Lung -- Timed Tidal Volume Mode